I wanted to quickly again thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the race, and for your emails, phone calls, and patience as we all waited for final results in our race to come in. I am so honored and so proud to have worked with each of you, on this campaign and several others this election cycle!

Below is a copy of a press release we sent out earlier this afternoon, conceding defeat in our race; I wanted to share this information with all of you as quickly as possible.

Thanks, and absolute best regards,
David Sinclair

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Democrat David Sinclair, of Bath, conceded defeat early Thursday afternoon in the race for District Attorney against incumbent Geoffrey Rushlau (R, Dresden). Sinclair, a longtime member of the Bath City Council, runs a private law practice in Bath, and was conducting his first multi-county political campaign, facing a twenty-year incumbent in Rushlau.

After initial results on Wednesday morning showed Sinclair leading narrowly, that slight lead shifted to Rushlau as results from the final outlying towns came in. Unofficial results as of Thursday afternoon showed Rushlau in the lead by 840 votes, out of over 67,000 votes cast, with only Monhegan left to count – a result which gave Rushlau approximately 50.62% of the vote to Sinclair’s 49.38%.

“We are both honored and humbled to have received the support of more than 33,000 voters throughout the District in this race,” Sinclair said. “I want to personally thank our wonderful volunteers, thank the municipal workers across the four-county district who conducted this election with grace and integrity, thank my opponent, District Attorney Rushlau, for running a fair and positive campaign, and thank all those voters across the district who participated in the process – whether they supported me or Geoffrey. Finally, I want to thank my beautiful wife Lauren and our baby boy Beckett, for the encouragement, support, and willingness to embark on the year-long campaign trail with me – I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, have done this alone.”

Addressing the question of a recount in the close election, Sinclair said that he would not request an examination of the ballots. “In extremely close races such as this one, State law provides for a recount upon the request of a candidate or an affected voter,” Sinclair said. “For races where the outcome is this close, there is no cost to the candidate for such a recount. However, just because it would be free to our campaign doesn’t mean it would be free to the community, and I do not plan to saddle my neighbors with the costs of a recount which would in all likelihood simply confirm the unofficial count we have today. I respect the process and am comfortable with the result.”

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