Last week, we learned that Maine lost out on hundreds of millions of dollars in economic opportunity and hundreds of jobs. Statoil, a multi-billion dollar energy solutions innovator, pulled the plug on its wind energy project because of “changes,” “uncertainty,” and “project delays” resulting from the governor’s erratic behavior and political hijinks.    

It is no secret that the governor does not like wind energy, and this time he let his personal agenda stand in the way of economic progress for Maine. Earlier this year, a deal was inked between Statoil and the state, and then, Governor LePage changed the rules in the middle of the game, and forced Statoil to take its project and its dollars somewhere else.

This is no way to run a business and it’s no way to run a state. No matter how you feel about windpower, the governor’s actions send the wrong message to businesses here in Maine, and those looking to come to Maine.

 Moving forward, we will continue working to make Maine a place that is welcoming to investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses interested in helping us strengthen our economy and our workforce.

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