Necessary Thank-Yous:


Thank Senators Collins and King for their strong stance on the recent Health Care votes and encourage them to work for a bipartisan bill which addresses the needed changes to strengthen the Affordable Care Act.



Maine Resists” has a comprehensive Calendar of Resistance Events throughout Maine:


Action Alerts:


The Voter Fraud Commission has re- requested states’ voter registration data.  Phone or email our Secretary of State, Matthew Dunlap, and ask he not share Maine’s voter data (207-626-8400.  Take a minute this weekend to register your concern; they are tallying them.  They will not share any personal info you provide, if you wish to give any; and Dunlap is interested in your thoughts.  Concerns to voice: The Voter Fraud Commission is a waste of tax payer money, it is a waste of our state officials’ time and is based on the false claim of massive voter fraud in the 2016 election.  The panel’s first attempt at obtaining voter registration data was deployed with an alarming lack of security measures, as well.


Turning from Health Care to Tax Reform, contact your Representative and Senators and encourage them to work together to pass a fair tax proposal which is not premised on providing massive tax cuts for our wealthiest citizens or on cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other critical public services that our families and communities depend on.  Ask them to negotiate a broadly acceptable proposal rather than advance narrow partisan proposals which will net only polarization and inaction.


We recommend that you sign up to receive Action Alerts from:


the Maine Democratic Party ( )

Indivisible: and check their website for Advocacy Events by zip code : text the word DAILY to 228466


There is another valuable resource we wish to let you know about: COUNTABLE ( ) has an app which you can up-load for free and set up to monitor the votes of your US Senators and Representative.  It can be set up to pay attention to particular issues, to all votes, etc.  It can also be set up to send messages to them regarding bills and issues, as well as to send you emails about votes.  This appears to be an invaluable tool!


Suit Up Maine has a fantastic weekly list of Action Items and Information on each item:


Local Advocacy Groups:


Indivisible Sagadahoc


Harpswell Indivisible


Indivisible Lincoln County Maine


Mainers For Accountable Leadership


Unified L/A


Brunswick Area Rising!


We the People

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