Lowering the cost of health care for Maine people and small businesses, while increasing quality and accessibility is a top priority for Democrats. We believe proposals focused on bringing a state-base insurance exchange is the best way to do this as well as focusing our policies on prevention.

We believe policy should focus on reducing health care costs without rolling back quality and access. We don’t want to pick winners and losers. We don’t want to lower the costs for some at the expense of others. We are one state. We should not pit north against south; healthy verses sick; old verses young. This allows the insurance companies to shift the cost of health care from one group of Maine people to another.

Instead of rushing a radical proposal through, we should take a measured approach.

Instead of abolishing the state health plan, we want to use it as a model to reduce medical costs across the state and promote preventative care.

Instead of ignoring federal law, our policy should maximize federal funding to help lower costs. Make federal changes work for us: Instead of filing lawsuits, take advantage of new federal funding and tailor implementation to create a Maine-based health insurance exchange that lowers insurance costs and provides federal subsidies to Maine small businesses and consumers.

We support transparency in pricing and quality measurement to increase competition in the health care and insurance marketplaces, and to provide consumers and government the tools to make cost-effective choice

We support establishing fair pricing of prescription drugs through effective negotiation and price disclosure.

We don’t believe in giveaways to insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of Maine people and businesses

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