Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Shenna Bellows released her first television ad of the campaign today after officially becoming the party’s nominee in Tuesday‘s uncontested primary. The spot, which you can view at, highlights her working class upbringing and her hard work to pay for college. “This campaign is about who can best stand up for working Mainers and who understands their lives,” Bellows said in releasing the ad, which will be seen on televisions across Maine this evening and for the next several weeks. “My mother is a nurse, and I’ve seen the need for universal healthcare. My father is a carpenter, and I know how much help small businesses need in this economy.  I waited tables and worked retail to pay for college, and I know how much our young people need relief from excessive student debt. I am running for U.S. Senate because working Mainers deserve a strong working class voice on these issues, and many others, in Washington.” The ad was produced by CD2, a Maine-based media firm that produced ads for the successful marriage equality referendum campaign in 2012 and the 2011 same-day voter registration campaign. Bellows was a leader in both efforts as head of the ACLU of Maine. “From the start of this campaign, we’ve seen that people who know Shenna are excited by her values and her leadership,” said Bellows for Senate campaign manager Katie Mae Simpson. “This early ad is the perfect way to introduce Maine voters to Shenna Bellows, a carpenter’s daughter who will always stand up for working class values.” The ad gives a stylistic nod to Paul Wellstone’s famous “Fast Paul” ad and offers a very personal introduction to Bellows, her family and her roots. The ad also highlights Bellows’ impressive grassroots fundraising ability, which has raised more than $1 million largely from small donations and without any corporate PAC money. “Our campaign is building grassroots excitement all across Maine, and this ad is the next step in reaching out to the Mainers who don’t know me yet,” Bellows said. “This election is about the future of Maine and our country, and I look forward to having that conversation statewide.” The ad will run in the Bangor, Portland and Presque Isle markets. Bellows is walking from Houlton to Kittery next month.

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