Sen. Eloise Vitelli, D-Arrowsic, is urging all Mainers to determine whether they are eligible for the Earned-Income Tax Credit, a state and federal program that boosts tax refunds for working-class Americans.

The Maine Legislature on Thursday passed a joint resolution sponsored by Sen. Vitelli to declare January 27 as EITC Awareness Day.

“The Earned-Income Tax Credit has a simple premise: Low- and middle-income Mainers worked hard, paid taxes and deserve to get some of it back,” said Sen. Vitelli. “The EITC saved Maine taxpayers more than $5.2 million in 2016, but even more Mainers could receive bigger tax refunds this year. One out of every five eligible tax filers miss out, either because they don’t know about the credit or don’t know how to receive it. We can do better than leaving money on the table for hard-working Mainers.”

Almost 100,000 Mainers receive a benefit from the EITC every year, according to Ca$h Maine. Last year, the Legislature amended Maine’s tax code to make the state credit refundable, meaning low-income Mainers would see a guaranteed refund, even if their tax liability was already low.

The EITC is more important than ever as Maine’s rate of extreme child poverty has grown over recent years. According to Cas$h Maine’s website: “Studies of EITC have found that children living in households who receive the credit have improved health and educational outcomes. For such a modest program, it goes a long way to helping keep people out of poverty.”

For more information about the EITC, and to determine your eligibility, visit

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