Now you can follow the health care debate in Maine at .  The site includes quick, easy to read profiles on some of the 70,000 Maine people who would benefit from health care coverage.

This debate is about the people whose lives will change because they have health care.

The stories highlight folks from all over the state, including veterans, students, moms and fisherman, who have an opportunity to have access to life-saving health care.

Follow the debate on Twitter and FaceBook using the hastags: #mepolitics #coverMEnow.

The federal government has offered to pay 100 percent of the cost of health care for tens of thousands of Mainers under the Affordable Care Act. Key moderate Republicans, Democrats, and Independents have worked together on a bipartisan compromise plan to accept these funds.  It recently passed in the Maine Senate, but without enough votes to override a LePage veto, and moves to a House vote next Tuesday.

This is a common sense proposal: It saves lives, it saves money and it creates jobs.

Moreover, this proposal is truly a good-faith compromise that directly addresses many of the arguments advanced by opponents of health care expansion:


  • It reduces the wait list for home care services for individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • It steps up Medicaid fraud prosecution by adding two new fraud investigators to the Attorney General’s Office
  • It reduces Medicaid health care costs by putting in place a managed care plan
  • It includes an opt out and a sunset provision
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