“Our Nation’s leaders should be held to a high standard—it is as simple as that.”

-U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, July 14th.

 The Associated Press today reported that Congressman Poliquin was caught and was fined for paying his taxes late 31 times in the last ten years, and another ten times back to 1990. Here’s Bronwen on the Georgetown angle:

“Congressman Poliquin doesn’t play by the rules. We’ve known that for years here in Georgetown,” said Bronwen Tudor, chair of the Sagadahoc County Democratic Committee. “This is the man who paid almost no taxes on a multi-million dollar property after falsely enrolling in a program designed to help create forestry jobs here in Maine – despite the covenant in his deed that prohibits the practice of forestry.”

“Apparently it’s hard to pay your taxes on time when you’re using multiple tax shelters to dodge paying your fair share,” said Maine Democratic Party Chairman Phil Bartlett. “This shows a pattern of rule-breaking that is hard to ignore. It is deeply hypocritical for Congressman Poliquin to raise our taxes and cut them for millionaires like himself while he is consistently paying those taxes late or not paying them at all. Congressman Poliquin says that we should hold our leaders to higher standards – he should have taken his own advice.”

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