Check out this OpEd from Pennsylvania Auditor Eugene DePasquale warning Maine taxpayers about Gary Alexander’s track record in his state. As you probably know, Governor LePage awarded Alexander a $1 million no-bid contract to review Maine’s welfare and Medicaid programs. Democrats have expressed strong concerns that Alexander was hired with no public review or vetting for political purposes simply to buttress the Governor’s Tea Party positions. Plus, a portion of the funds used for the contract were diverted from a federal grant meant for struggling families.  

DePasquale’s OpEd is focused on Alexander’s work in Pennsylvania.  In November, DePasquale’s department released the full results of an independent audit of the mismanagement of the home care worker contract during Alexander’s tenure in PA. In his column, he notes that what he found should serve as a warning to Maine taxpayers and policymakers. He says “the so-called ‘efficiency solution’ implemented during Alexander’s time in Pennsylvania led to mismanagement of the contract transition. [Alexander’s] failed oversight of the contract and lack of accountability resulted in thousands of our most vulnerable recipients selecting more expensive care.”

He notes the policies put in place under Alexander’s leadership cost his state “millions of dollars and failed Pennsylvania’s children, seniors and people with disabilities.”

We expect the LePage administration to release Alexander’s recommendations for Maine to the public shortly, so stay tuned..

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