We all know about the glitches in the HealthCare.gov website.  But we are hearing many reports that more and more people are now getting through and signing up for much better plans under The Affordable Care Act, a progam that will help bring health security to 34 million Americans, including up to 75,000 Mainers.  Recently NPR’s Here and Now program carried this story (audio and transcript included) on how one Mainer navigated the process successfully, and in so doing found a plan far superior to her old one, and will save about $1100 per month on her premiums.

If you have a similar story to share, please send it to contact@sagadahocdems.org so we can post it on the website, and/or include it in our Letters to the Editor campaign.  If you want to keep your story anonymous that’s great, and we can include as little or as much information as you want.  The ACA is about more than a website glitch.  It’s about access to affordable, quality health insurance available to many of us for the first time, so if you can please help spread the word.

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