For more than 50 years, Democrats have fought for meaningful health care legislation, and President Obama and our Democratic leadership in Congress, with your help, finally made it happen in 2010.

All those months of calls, letters, emails, postcards, rallies…all that hard work to pass real, meaningful, comprehensive health care reform legislation could be undone.

With a new Republican majority in Congress determined to overturn the Affordable Health Care Act, and a new Republican Governor threatening to sue the President, the Republicans want to put insurance companies back in charge of our health care, and turn back the clock on reform.

But you can stand up to protect the progress we have made. There are three essential ways you can help:

1. Join Organizing for America, the Concerned Maine Citizens, and a host of our progressive allies from across Maine for a rally to support the Affordable Health Care Act. Monday, January 10th, at 10am, in the Hall of Flags at the State House in Augusta. Our new Governor needs to see the big picture: that Maine people stand for real health care reform.
For more details, sign up HERE.

2. Make your voice heard! Nationally and here in Maine, we need to show the breadth and depth of our support for health care reform!

Send our Governor a postcard: We plan on delivering postcards to the Governor and Attorney General after the rally on Monday.

Send congress a message. Click HERE.



Sagadahoc Democratic Committee will NOT meet April 26.

Watch for details of SCDC topical Public Forum week of May 17.

Add your name to our online petition! Our Congresspersons, Pingree and Michaud, stood up for affordable health care for all Mainers, but their work can be undone! We have to show the new Congress that Maine supports continued progress on health care!

3. Get the Facts: Click HERE

Attached is a fact sheet on what the Affordable Health Care Act has accomplished for American families.
Our President and leaders in Congress, with your help, have accomplished so much in the last 2 years. Arm yourself with the facts. See the progress.

Don’t let all of our hard work be undone! Forward this message to everyone in your network!

Stand Up, Keep Fighting!

Andrew Kain
Director, Organizing for America Maine   Phone: 207.831.4266 (cell)

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