Mike Michaud released the campaign’s first TV ad this week. The ad, titled “Millworker,” highlights Mike’s working-class Maine roots and commitment to bringing Democrats, Republicans and independents together to get things done.

The positive ad focuses on Michaud’s upbringing and the values of compromise and hard work he learned while growing up in a large Franco-American family and working at the Great Northern Paper Company for 29 years, including during his tenure in the Maine State Legislature.

“Mainers deserve to have a governor who shares their values and understands their concerns, and we couldn’t think of a better way to demonsrate Mike will be that governor than to have him introduce himself in his own words,” said Michaud for Maine Campaign Manager Matt McTighe. “Mainers are frustrated and tired of the anger and divisiveness of the last three and a half years, which is why we are focused on running a positive campaign highlighting Mike’s vision, experience and proven track record of bringing people together to move Maine forward in a positive direction.”

WATCH THE NEW AD HERE: http://youtu.be/8zTeQ28Yi7g

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