This week, the extreme views of a minority faction in Congress forced a federal government shutdown.

This small group partisan radicals would rather risk the economic security of our country than provide affordable health care to millions of Americans.

Now hundreds of thousands of federal workers are suffering the consequences by being furloughed without pay until the shutdown is over. Meanwhile, members of Congress are still collecting a paycheck. 

 It’s unconscionable. Please sign my petition asking Congress to support H.R. 3224, the “No Government No Pay Act of 2013.”

The bill would make all 535 members of Congress give up their pay during a government shutdown. 

 I, along with more than 90 members of Congress, have already voluntarily chosen to give up our pay. This shouldn’t be optional.

 Please sign my petition today! 

 If federal employees aren’t getting paid because of a government shutdown they didn’t cause and aren’t responsible for, neither should members of Congress.

 American workers, families, veterans, and seniors did not cause the mess we are in but they are having to suffer the consequences of it. 

 Please sign my petition asking members of Congress to support this important bill today!

 Thank you, 

 P.S. Please share this petition via email or on Facebook and Twitter so we can spread the word! 

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