The Maine Center for Economic Policy has released an analysis of the effect of Governor LePage’s proposal to eliminate the Homestead Exemption for families under 65 years of age in order to decrease taxes on Maine’s wealthiest families.  The interactive map lets you see the size of the tax increase and the number of families impacted in your municipality.  The chart below gives their figures for towns in our area.  Let your State Representative and Senator know what you think of the Governor’s proposal!  You can read the entire MECEP article here. 


Town     Increase in Tax Bill    Number of 

                From Homestead      Households

                Exemption Repeal 

Georgetown   $148               180

Phippsburg     $171               415 

Arrowsic         $299                119

Wollwich        $284               524 

Bath                $414             1,265

West Bath      $208              339

Topsham        $359          1,525 

Bodinham       $329            553 

Bowdoin          $292           480

Richmond       $374           573 

Dresden          $342          338

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