Gov. Paul LePage has renewed his threat to halt the work of the Legislature by vetoing all bills until his hospital repayment plan becomes law.

In late February  LePage said on a radio show that he would veto all bills until the Legislature passes his borrowing scheme to make the final payment to Maine hospitals. Republican leaders later said the governor planned to veto bills that did not have broad bipartisan support.

 But a week later a reporter asked the governor whether he might sign some proposals. LePage replied, “Nothing gets done. Nothing.”

 All the bills that could be sent to the governor for his signature at this point have been reported out of committee with bipartisan unanimous support.

 The bills include:

  • LD 2: Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 252:  Rules Governing Certification of Seed Potatoes in the State of Maine, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
  • LD 26: An Act To Authorize the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Change a Fishing Season Opening Date Statewide
  • LD 29: An Act To Provide Support Services to Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Autistic Disorder
  • LD 30: An Act To Provide Home and Community Services for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism
  • LD 32: An Act To Expand the Types of Vaccines That May Be Administered by Pharmacists
  • LD 103: An Act To Correct an Inconsistency in Maine’s Apprenticeship Laws
  • LD 112: An Act To Make Changes to the Educators for Maine Program
  • LD 113: An Act To Make Changes to the Maine College Savings Program

Democrats are absolutely committed to finding a way to reduce the debt owed to the hospitals — as we have been for a decade.  We need to consider the payments as part of the budget process in the context of all of our bills. We have unmet obligations to our schools, obligations to our communities, and obligations to property tax payers in Maine who will see their property taxes rise from Governor LePage’s budget.

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