Susan arrived in Augusta today accompanied by her family and friends ready to serve her district, but apparently Governor LePage was not of like mind. Governor LePage’s spokewoman said he would not be swearing in State Senator-Elect Susan Deschambault today after her victory on Tuesday. In so doing, the Governor has decided to deny the people of District 32  representation until he sees fit to give it back to them. That is not how democracy works.

The Bangor Daily News reported that LePage’s spokeswoman explained the Governor’s actions are due to his nominee to the Unemployment Insurance Commission being shot down by a 7-6 vote.  So Governor LePage’s reaction is to disenfranchise over 38,000 people of District 32 by denying them representation in our State Senate?!

We cannot let this outrage go unanswered. Sign our petition to Governor LePage, and tell him that he cannot simply choose to silence the voices of District 32.

P.S. Let your friends, family, coworkers all know what is happening in Augusta today, and forward this email (Forward To A Friend)

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