After working for more than five and half hours on Governor LePage’s 11th hour bill gimmicks, Governor LePage notified the Legislature he will veto the work done on his behalf. 

 “It should be no surprise that Governor LePage to the very end would obstruct the hard work done in the Legislature,” said Senate President Justin Alfond of Portland. “Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle tried to make this happen. We tried to do this but no matter what good ideas were brought forward, the governor refused to compromise. It’s unfortunate that the governor did not take his job seriously enough to work with us. ”

 Top lawmakers from both parties pulled the plug on further negotiations on both the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency bill LD 1811 and the nursing home bill LD 1864 after learning the news.

 “For the past 24 hours the budget panel has worked to accommodate the Governor’s eleventh hour proposals,” said Speaker of the House Mark Eves of North Berwick. “Once Democrats and Republicans found a compromise on the bill to address the drug crisis and agreed to fund nursing homes, the Governor couldn’t take ‘yes’ for an answer.  At midnight on the final hour of veto day,  we have all grown tired of his my-way-or the highway approach.  Republicans and Democrats agreed to not move forward with bills he would veto.”  

 The Legislature adjourned sine die after overriding 14 of the governor’s 48 vetoes today (summary here).  The 126th Legislature has completed its work and will not return.

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