Governor LePage has submitted his proposed budget for the next two fiscal years.  According to a preliminary analysis by the Maine Municipal Association it will strip $420 million from municipal government and/or from the property taxpayers that support municipal government.  Included in the cuts are:

. the motor vehicle excise tax system

. municipal revenue sharing

. the “circuitbreaker” property tax program

. the property owners’ Homstead Expemption

. the business equipment tax exemption system

For MMA’s preliminary detailed analysis on the items above, click here.

The worst hit to the towns and cities will come from LePage’s proposal to completely eliminate the distribution of municipal revenue sharing starting in July, 2012.  To see how this will affect your town, click on this link from the Portland Press Herald.

Public hearings on the Governor’s proposed budget will begin in the next few weeks.  During that period the MMA will be releasing more detailed town-by-town figures on the impact of his budget, and we’ll keep you posted.  Until then, please contact your Sag County representatives  and senator and let them know where you stand as their constituent on this extraordinary and devasting proposal from Governor LePage.

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