Here’s a message from Alison Johnson on how Sag Dems  can join the Women’s March on Washington sister event in Augusta.

On Saturday morning, January 21, the day after the inauguration, when there will be a Women’s March on Washington, there will be “sister” marches/events all across the country. I am organizing a bus holding 48 people that will leave from Highland Green early that morning to attend the event in Augusta. (This bus is not being organized by the management of Highland Green.) The cost per person will be $16.

Here is the description of the Augusta event that I took from the website for the Women’s March on Washington,

We will rally together at the Maine State Capitol to have our voices heard. This is not going to be a march from point A to point B, it is going to be a march in place at the Burton M. Cross building.

This is a rally in support of women’s rights, civil liberties and protection of the planet. This is an INCLUSIVE march, and EVERYONE who supports women’s rights is welcome.

Thirty-three people have already signed up to ride the bus from Highland Green. As noted above, men are welcome to attend, and some have already signed up. I hope you will forward this e-mail to friends who might be interested. If we fill one bus, I can arrange for another bus or van.

Yes, I’m aware of the event on the Brunswick mall, and there will also be a big march in Portland. I’m focusing on the Augusta event because I think that when the national media chooses which events to cover, they certainly won’t cover the Brunswick mall and may be more likely to cover the Augusta event than the Portland event because the Augusta event on the state capital grounds is virtually in LePage’s backyard. I also think that Portland will draw a large crowd, and the Augusta crowd will be smaller, so more in need of some help swelling their ranks.

I think parking will be a nightmare at all events, so a bus has a great advantage. Incidentally, I just spoke with the director of the Maine State Museum, which is open every Saturday, and she told me that they have large restrooms with multiple stalls. The Maine State Library, which is in the same building, also has one women’s restroom and one men’s restroom. The Augusta sister event is being held at 111 Sewall Street, outside the Burton M. Cross  Building, which appears on the map to be a couple of blocks or so from the building housing the State Museum and State Library.

If you want to reserve a spot on the bus, please leave a check for $16 made out to Alison Johnson in the large ziplock bag between my doors (see address and directions below). No cash, please. I won’t deposit the checks until it’s clear I can fill the bus. The bus company has given me until Monday to pay for the bus, but I hope that you will drop off your checks in the next couple of days so that I know whether I need to find other people to fill the bus.

If you call me or e-mail me ( to say that you plan to attend, I will hold a spot for you. I will arrange to pick up checks late Saturday afternoon (January 14) at the main desk at the Highlands and at Thornton Oaks, so residents there can leave their checks at the desk in an envelope with my name, Alison Johnson, on it.

There will be no refunds because of illness or because the weather doesn’t look good that day. That said, the weather forecast for that Saturday is wonderful–mostly sunny and 48 degrees. With warm weather most of the week and only a bit of rain on Wednesday and Thursday, the ground and streets should be bare on January 21. More details on the trip will be sent within a few days to those who sign up and give me their e-mail address. At any rate, the bus will be leaving from Highland Green.

I hope that many of you will join me as a way of indicating your concern for the direction that our country appears to be moving.
Alison Johnson
4 Wren Drive
Topsham, ME 04086

My house is located on the main road in Highland Green about two blocks past the Community Center and the Wild Duck Pub. It’s a small beige house with a white rocker on the porch. There are four evergreen trees lining the road by the side of my house. My house is the last one on the right just before the main road starts up a small hill.


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