During the last session, the Legislature approved a re-districting plan based on data from the 2010 census,  which will go into effect with the 2014 elections.  As a result House and Senate districts throughout the state have new numbers,  whether or not their boundaries have changed.  As of February first, the numbers on our website are the new ones, even though we all have incumbents completing their terms under the old district numbers.

Our Senate District remains the same, namely all of Sagadahoc plus the Town of Dresden,  but the SD number has changed from SD 19 to SD 23..

Below are boundary changes for the Sagadahoc House Districts which are due to population losses in Bath, Brunswick and Topsham following the closure of BNAS,  along with their new numbers.

 BATH (formerly HD 62, now HD 52):  The entire city is now a single district represented by Jennifer DeChant who is completing her first term.

 TOPSHAM (formerly HD 60, now HD 54):  The entire municipality is now a single district represented by Andrew Mason who is completing his first term.

 WEST BATH: (formerly HD 64, now HD 51): The entire municipality is now joined to Hallowell and a portion of Brunswick in a district represented by Jeremy Saxton who is completing his first term.

 ARROWSIC, GEORGETOWN, PHIPPSBURG, DRESDEN  and a small portion of RICHMOND (formerly HD 65, now HD 53): have joined WOOLWICH to form a new HD represented by Peter Kent who is completing his third term.

 BOWDOIN, BOWDOINHAM and the remainder of RICHMOND (formerly HD 67, now HD 55):  form a single HD and the seat will be open on 2014 because incumbent Seth Berry is completing his fourth term and is not eligible to run.  Alice Elliott of Richmond has declared her candidacy for the seat.

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