The Harvest Supper broke all attendance records and thanks are due to many individuals including:

The Southern Maine String Quartet: Michael Albert, violin; Eric Kawamoto, violin; Jeanie Wester, viola; and Jen Reber, cello.

Alison Freeman for use of her PA system and for adjusting the mike for each speaker.

Laura and Nick Whatley donated most of the produce for the dinner from their family’s organic farm in Topsham,  helped set up the hall on Saturday night, and served food at the dinner.  Laura also chopped onions and squash and celery and peppers at a produce prep party Friday morning.  Cindy Zelinka of Bath and Janet Fogg of Topsham were also among the choppers and peelers and slicers on Friday.

Gail Eaton hosted that prep party in her kitchen, helped set up and clean up with her husband Bill and recruited other volunteers as chair of the Topsham Dems.

Susan Zimmerman, Gretta Wark, Susan Sorg, Greg Shea, and Susan Wygal joined the Saturday set up crew and Susan Z., Judy Stallworth and Beth Brewer finished up the decor with flower arrangements on the tables.

Dave Fluharty put out candidate signs on Sunday while his wife Linda Hjortland set up the Silent Auction with Becky Halbrook and GrettaWark (Meanwhile, Shelly Little, who had intended to help, searched for the Grange all over Topsham and ended up going home in frustration.  (We’re so sorry Shelly and we thank you for the time and the intent!)  Polly Shaw of Bath, Jane Scease of Topsham, and Sylvia Young of Phippsburg also solicited items for the auction.  Wendy Everham joined the auction team for the final tally of results.

Juliana Cliffe, of Georgetown was in charge of the kitchen with her neighbors Barbara and Karen MacGillivary.  Carolyn and Tom Church of Coveside B & B in Georgetown provided the wonderful apple-blueberry crisp.  Topsham Dems Robin Brooks, Vanessa Bell, and Ruth Mlotek joined the Whatleys on the serving line.

Neil Shankman, Avery Meyers, Catherine Buotte and Gretta Wark supplied appetizers for the hungry horde.  Ruth Wentzel and Susan Loebs assisted Treasurer Gretta Wark at the registration table.  Bernie Wyman, a good Dem from the Bath Knights of Columbus and a City Council member handled the bar for us.

Last but not least, David Tudor manned the wash-by-hand dish operation with help from the kitchen crew and our field organizer staff: April Thibodeau; Laura Cyr; and Deena Metzler.

Many additional people pitched in to clean up, stack chairs, take down signs, load cars and help get all of us out of the hall and on our way home within an hour of the event’s end.

And finally a great big thanks to our wonderful crop of candidates and elected officials: Mike Michaud, Chellie Pingree, Shenna Bellows, Seth Berry, Eloise Vitelli, Peter Kent, Jay McCreight, Denise Tepler and David Sinclair (due to a scheduling conflict, Alice Elliott could not attend).

WOW!  What a team.  What an event (check out the photo gallery here)  Forgive me if I missed anybody in the long list of those volunteers who made this wonderful event possible.

Bronwen Tudor

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