This guide is intended to help you become active in the growing, grassroots movement to resist the Trump agenda.  The material in it is culled from various sources, including “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda”, The One-Hour Activist, by Christopher Kush, the Cumberland County Democratic Party’s “Indivisible [ and ] and from practitioner experience.  This Guide is oriented to the “how” of effective resistance by individuals and groups.  There are many groups in Maine who are involved in the “what” of policy.  We urge you to join with them.  A role of the Sagadahoc County Democratic Committee is to help people take effective political influence in contacting legislators, to help them run for office, and to elect people who exemplify core Democratic values.

In Maine, the targets for activism are our Congressional Legislators and Senators, the Governor, and State House and Senate Legislators.  The ideas in this Guide can be effectively used for individual activism, town forums, governmental events, lobby days, and one-on-one interactions with elected officials.  We want to assist individuals in:

insisting that our legislators do the right thing and respect and support the people of Maine and our democratic values;

persisting in putting them on the spot and forcing them to make clear their positions, and in letting the public know so they can be held accountable; and

resisting when they follow an ideology that is detrimental to the welfare of Maine, her people, economy, and environment.

We are stronger by being Indivisible and united in our resolve to reject the agenda of Trump and his supporters in office here in Maine.  While there are many individuals and groups already engaged in advocacy, and many resources available for those who wish to join the efforts, we want to provide a guide to help those who wish to begin an advocacy activity or group.

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