Democrats in Maine will caucus on Sunday, March 6.  The times of the caucuses will vary by cities/towns.  Call your local city/town committee chair to determine time and location or go to

At their caucus, voters will:

. Choose who they want to be the Democratic Nominee for President

. Elect delegates to the state Democratic convention in May

. Elect local Democratic party leaders and county committee members

Nominating petitions will be available

Registration for Independents (Unenrolled) and for unregistered voters will be available for a limited time prior to the caucus (doors open early) or during regular office hours at city/town offices.

Republican and Green Party voters who would like to participate in the Democratic caucus must go to their city/town office and change parties not later than February 19.

Presidential preference voting will start at a set time (approximately one half hour after caucus convenes) and anyone arriving after that time cannot participate, i.e., not allowed in.

17-year-olds may register, enroll in the party and participate in the caucus if they will be 18 years old by election day.

Absentee ballots are available by calling the Maine Democratic Party at 622-6233 or on-line at: and must be received by the Maine Democratic Party by the close of business on March 2

Whether “you’re with her” or you’re “feeling the Bern” — come out and caucus and help to elect our next President.

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