Democrats won 79 seats in the Maine House on Tuesday, according to preliminary election results (including our own Jay McCreight, Denise Tepler and Jennifer DeChant). The victory gives Democrats control of the legislative body for the upcoming 127th Legislature (scroll down for a list of our winners in the House).

The final tally of 151 House members includes 68 Republicans and four unenrolled members who are expected to caucus with Democrats.

“The election is over. Now is the time to govern,” said House Speaker Mark Eves of North Berwick. “We are ready to work with the Governor and our Republican colleagues and remain strongly committed to standing up for seniors and middle class families.”

The Democratic majority in the House was won by the hard work of candidates, who fanned out across the state and whose positive message of economic opportunity resonated with voters.

“Our candidates won their campaigns one conversation at a time,” added Eves. “They listened and learned from their neighbors and committed themselves to making their voices heard in Augusta.”

HD Candidate Result
1 Deane Rykerson W
2 Bobbi Beavers W
3 Lydia Blume W
4 Patty Hymanson W
6 Mark Eves W
8 Chris Babbidge W
11 Ryan Fecteau W
12 Marty Grohman W
13 George Hogan W
14 Barry Hobbins W
15 Justin Chenette W
18 Anne-Marie Mastraccio W
19 Bill Noon W
21 Jim Campbell (I) W
23 Mike Shaw W
24 Mark Bryant W
26 Linda Sanborn W
27 Andrew McLean W
30 Kim Monaghan-Derrig W
31 Terry Morrison W
32 Scott Hamann W
34 Drew Gattine W
35 Dillon Bates W
36 Denise Harlow W
37 Dick Farnsworth W
38 Matt Moonen W
39 Diane Russell W
40 Ben Chipman (I) W
41 Erik Jorgensen W
42 Peter Stuckey W
43 Mark Dion W
44 Teresa Pierce W
47 Janice Cooper W
48 Sara Gideon W
49 Mattie Daughtry W
50 Ralph Tucker W
51 Jay McCreight W
52 Jennifer DeChant W
54 Denise Tepler W
58 Mike Lajoie W
59 Peggy Rotundo W
60 Jared Golden W
61 Heidi Brooks W
62 Gina Melaragno W
68 Christine Powers W
74 Paul Gilbert W
78 Cathy Nadeau W
80 Lori Fowle W
81 Craig Hickman W
83 Gay Grant W
84 Charlotte Warren W
85 Donna Doore W
90 Mick Devin W
91 Jeff Evangelos (I) W
92 Chuck Kruger W
93 Lizzie Dickerson W
94 Joan Welsh W
95 Gary Sukeforth (I) W
96 Christine Burstein W
97 Erin Herbig W
101 Jim Davitt W
106 Stanley Short W
107 Jeff McCabe W
109 Tom Longstaff W
110 Henry Beck W
115 Matt Peterson W
122 Michelle Dunphy W
123 Ryan Tipping-Spitz W
124 Aaron Frey W
125 Tori Kornfield W
126 John Schneck W
127 Adam Goode W
128 Archie Verow W
132 Louie Luchini W
133 Ralph Chapman W
134 Walter Kumiega W
135 Brian Hubbell W
138 Robert Alley W
143 Steve Stanley W
147 Bob Saucier W
150 Danny Martin W
151 John Martin W
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