The clock is ticking.

We are less than 20 days away from a government shutdown thanks to House GOP leader Ken Fredette.

Acting as Governor LePage’s mouthpiece, Rep. Ken Fredette is holding budget negotiations hostage in order to give tax cuts to the wealthiest Mainers.

Despite his partisan bickering and attacks, Maine Democrats aren’t backing down.

We have been your voice at the table fighting for a better deal for you and your family.

There is a bipartisan deal on the table that provides property tax relief, funding for our roads and schools, and invests in hardworking Mainers like YOU.

Call Rep. Ken Fredette’s office today at (207) 287-1440 and tell the House GOP it’s time to support a bipartisan budget that will benefit everyday Mainers.

As Democrats try to level the playing field for Maine families and workers, Rep. Ken Fredette is using the Governor’s playbook to divide his Party and derail negotiations. All to give tax cuts to the wealthiest Mainers.

If a state budget is not passed by June 30, the government will shut down, forcing thousands of workers to go without pay and highway projects to be abandoned.

Here is how you can help: Call (207) 287-1440 and tell Rep. Ken Fredette and House Republicans that their job is to work for you, not the governor.

We will continue to stay at the table to pass a budget that levels the playing field and boosts the middle class, but we need your help.

Call Rep. Ken Fredette and the House GOP today.

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