Shenna Bellows, Maine’s Democratic candidate for United States Senate, declared her solidarity with farmers and brewers alike in the face of the FDA’s new proposed rule pertaining to the regulation of spent grains. Spent grains, which are brewers’ byproduct of a brewing process called mashing, are commonly used as a valuable source of food for livestock at local farms.

 “This is an example of government regulation at its worst – harming Maine’s emerging craft brewing industry and many small farmers to benefit a few large agricultural corporations,” said Bellows. “It is wasteful and counterproductive to mandate that spent grains be sent to a landfill rather than local farmers.  To protect our local economies and the environment, I urge the FDA to exempt craft brewers from this onerous regulation.”

 The Bangor Daily News writes that this new rule would mostly affect small- and medium-sized farms and create conditions where only big companies can survive.  Craft brewers, farmers, Bellows and other opponents of the regulations would like to see spent grains granted an exemption from the FDA’s regulations, which would increase regulations surrounding livestock feed.  The regulations are pursuant to the controversial Food Safety Modernization Act voted for by Republican incumbent Senator Susan Collins.  Bellows submitted her comments to the FDA today expressing her opposition to the draft regulations.

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