Governor LePage has once again put Maine in the national spotlight and dragged our state’s reputation through the mud — and this time he may have broken the law.

Last week, the governor threatened to withhold state funding for a private school for at-risk youth unless they fired his political opponent, Democratic Speaker Mark Eves. This is an abuse of power on a level we’ve never seen here in Maine.

Lawmakers are meeting right now to determine what actions to take against the governor, which could include a full investigation into LePage’s alleged misconduct. Across the state, everyday Mainers are banding together to make their voices heard and demand accountability from the governor.

Will you join them?

Tell the Maine Legislature: Investigate Governor LePage’s abuse of power. Click here to add your name.

Just like you, we’re deeply troubled by the Governor’s latest misconduct, from the violent and vitriolic hate speech targeted at media and lawmakers, to the never-ending stream of vetoes.

Just like you, we’re deeply troubled by Governor LePage’s unconscionable abuse of power in denying state funding to a private school for at-risk youth to punish his political opponent.

And just like you, we are demanding answers.

Even Republicans are calling for an investigation into whether Governor LePage “has crossed legal or ethical lines by leveraging state resources for political purposes.”

And as the Portland Press Herald editorial board concluded, “It looks as if the governor has finally gone too far.”

Click here to take action: Tell Maine lawmakers to fully investigate Governor LePage’s threats, bullying and blackmail.

Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or unenrolled, we all have a hand in making sure the facts are on the table and that the integrity of our government is preserved. And that can only be accomplished by a thorough, nonpartisan and independent investigation.

I promise, we will do whatever we can to get to the bottom of this to ensure the governor is held accountable.

Thank you,

Phil Bartlett
Chairman, Maine Democratic Party

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