The Republican’s zombie attack on the Affordable Care Act rises from the ashes for a last (?) time, and calls to Senator Collins are again imperative.  Here’s the skinny from the National Indivisible folks: normally, we try not to send too many emails each week, but zombie TrumpCare is back and we don’t have a lot of time to stop it.

The latest bill (“Graham-Cassidy”) is TrumpCare by another name: it destroys Medicaid, hurts those with pre-existing conditions, attacks women’s health, and much, much more.  Mitch McConnell is moving the bill quickly…and he’s almost got the necessary votes.

Graham-Cassidy was sent to the Congressional Budget Office last week for a score, but there won’t be enough time for it to estimate coverage loses.  Nevertheless, McConnell is whipping votes and rearranging the Senate calendar to make room for one final push before the rules of reconciliation expire on September 30th.

Senator Collins can win this for us.  You’re receiving this email because she’s one of literally just six (SIX!) Senators we’re putting special energy into targeting over the next two weeks.  She was a crucial “no” vote in July but she’s now undecided on Graham-Cassidy.

Here’s what we know so far: after Republicans failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act in July (because of constituent pressure from you!), they’ve been working behind the scenes to move forward a bill that could get those three Republicans who voted “no” (Murkowski of Alaska, McCain of Arizona, and Collins) on board.  McConnell has just 11 more days to be able to ram this bill through the Senate through the rules of reconciliation.

And he’s close, which is why Senator Collins needs to hear from you.  Next week the Congressional Budget Office will complete their fiscal scoring of the bill soon—note that it won’t have time to estimate coverage losses before they vote on it.  For Mainers, a lot is on the line.

The health care of 229,000 people with pre-existing conditions and 19,000 people relying on the ACA for treatment for opioid abuse would be in jeopardy in Maine alone.  Maine also stands to lose $115 million in federal funding by 2026.  Next week the Senate will hold two hearings on TrumpCare—in an effort to claim that they’re following “regular order.”  These are sham hearings.  You can’t have a real debate on a bill of this magnitude without knowing how it will impact people’s coverage.  A vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act could come as soon as next Wednesday, September 27th, without a full CBO score.  Republicans have until Saturday, September 30th to vote on the bill before the rules of reconciliation expire.



Susan Collins (R)
461 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-2523
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There is another valuable resource we wish to let you know about: COUNTABLE ( ) has an app which you can up-load for free and set up to monitor the votes of your US Senators and Representative.  It can be set up to pay attention to particular issues, to all votes, etc.  It can also be set up to send messages to them regarding bills and issues, as well as to send you emails about votes.  This appears to be an invaluable tool!


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