Welcome Governor LePage In The Manner He Deserves!

LePage & Co. Town Hall Meeting
6 pm Friday, April 22
Orion Center for the Arts
Mt. Ararat High School, Topsham

The Governor is bringing his “Capitol for a Day” to Sagadahoc County this Friday.

Please come out to ask him how cutting taxes for the wealthiest Mainers and big corporations and estates worth up to $2 million, will provide jobs for the rest of us.
Ask him how eliminating collective bargaining for state employees or reducing the number of teachers, prison guards and state planners will add jobs to our economy.

Ask him about protecting our environment as an economic asset, about investing in technology research and development to foster new industries, about reducing our dependence on high-priced oil. Ask him why he wants to cut medicare benefits and make health care more expensive by refusing to participate in Obamacare.

Tell him allowing teens to work more hours for lower pay will interfere with their education and displace older minimum wage earners with families to support. Tell him his religion is his business but a woman’s body is her own.

Well, just come out and give him a piece of your mind! And when it’s over, write a letter to the editor and post it on Facebook or add it to a blog. If you have pictures, please visit our website and send them in.

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