The Maine Democratic Party is 100% committed to making sure that Ben Chin is elected the next mayor of Lewiston.  However, he needs our help to win in the face of racial slurs and right-wing propaganda.  

Ben won more votes in the November election than any of the other three candidates, but must now achieve a majority of 50% plus one in the run-off against incumbent Bob McDonald.  


A win in Lewiston is important, not only for the people who live there, but for democrats across the state heading in to the 2016 elections.  A win in Lewiston will be a victory for tolerance and reason over the  isolationist fear-mongering raging in Congress and here at home.


Even though you and I can’t vote for Ben, there are 3 ways we can help him win between now and Dec 8:

1. Knock on doors

2. Call voters

3. Donate $$


If you are able to travel to Lewiston, even just once, to help on the ground, SIGN UP HERE TO KNOCK ON DOORS


If you would like to sign up to make calls remotely from your home,



If you would like to contribute to cover the costs of the final push,



Ben is continuing to wage a reasoned and positive campaign focused on improving the lives of all Lewiston residents and addressing the city’s economic problems.  Mayor McDonald and his friends have relied on divisive invectives against immigrants and welfare recipients, resorted to racist ads (“Don’t vote for Ho Chi Chin”) and posted lies about Ben on Facebook claiming that Ben, a lay leader in the Episcopal Church, hates Christians and hates America.


This is a very important election on so many fronts. With your help, Ben Chin can cross the finish line victorious. 

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