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Action Alert – Cuts to Maine Seniors

Here’s special alert from Jess Maurer, Executive Director of the Maine Association of Area Agencies on Aging, who gave a great presentation to us last Wednesday on issues facing Maine seniors.  Here’s a follow up alert: pContinue Reading

MECEP’s 2015 Tax and Budget Conference Report

More than 70 people attended the 2015 Tax and Budget Conference sponsored by the Maine Center for Economic Polcicy.  Sagadahoc Democrats were well represented, including DeniseTepler (HD 54 – Topsham), Will Neilson and former State Senator Eloise Vitelli.  Click here to see Joel Johnson’s tax plan overview.  MECEP’s website will also soon be adding a…Continue Reading

Public Hearing Raises Questions Over LePage Budget

Future investments in Maine families, education, job training, as well as local support for firefighters and public safety are put at risk by the Governor’s $6.5 billion budget. The strong concerns were expressed by opponents of the budget on Tuesday during the first public hearing on Governor Paul LePage’s changes to the income and estate…Continue Reading

New Report Outlines Dire Need For Affordable Senior Housing

House Speaker Mark Eves of North Berwick on Wednesday called for bipartisan action on his “Keep ME Home” bond to invest $65 million to build affordable housing for Maine seniors. The call to action comes as a new study shows a dire shortfall in affordable rental homes for low income older people throughout the state.…Continue Reading

Maine Non-Profits: LePage’s Tax on Non-Profits Will Lead to Job Losses

MPBN reports that Maine non-profits “collectively employ nearly nearly 85,000 Maine residents who are paid more than $3.6 billion in wages. But their bottom lines could look a whole lot different in the future if Gov. Paul LePage’s plan to require municipalities to start taxing them is approved.”  Click here to read the article and listen…Continue Reading

Video Highlights Collins’ Votes For Gov’t Shutdown

Video Highlights Collins’ Votes For Gov’t Shutdown

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Shenna Bellows has released a new web video highlighting Susan Collins’ multiple votes in favor of the 16-day 2013 government shutdown. A recent Collins ad on the shutdown omits her vote record, ignores the shutdown’s impact on Maine’s economy and glosses over her role in creating the problem she claims to…Continue Reading

Mike’s Plan For A Healthier Maine

Mike’s Plan For A Healthier Maine

U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, the frontrunner in the race to be Maine’s next governor, outlined his vision for improving health care today during a press conference in Portland. “When we think about health care, our focus often begins when a person shows up in the emergency room or at a doctor’s office. And it typically…Continue Reading

Maine Lawmakers United in Dems’ Effort to Help Seniors

Maine lawmakers are united behind efforts to help seniors age in their homes and communities, according Speaker of the Maine House Mark Eves, Democrat of North Berwick. Eves held meetings today in Washington with Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King and Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree, who expressed support for his effort to help…Continue Reading

News From Chellie Pingree

News From Chellie Pingree

Be sure to check out the latest newsletter from our U.S. Representative Chellie Pingree.  She has a great update on ACA’s success in Maine, plus the latest on the Republicans’ threat to shutdown Homeland Security, including a link to the speech she gave on the House floor urging members to end this manufactured crisis.  Here’s…Continue Reading

If revenue sharing is eliminated . . .

Report from the Portland Press Herald on Maine Municipal Association’s informal meeting with legislators on LePage’s proposed elimination of revenue sharing:  “At stake for the average Mainer in the discussions is the size of their property tax bills. Cities and towns would lose $155 million in revenue under LePage’s budget, and unless they cut spending…Continue Reading

Eloise Vitelli:  Investment in Education an Economic Imperative

Eloise Vitelli: Investment in Education an Economic Imperative

Our own State Senator, Eloise Vitelli, gave this week’s Democratic Radio Address.  Don’t miss her great message on the importance of early childhood education below. Good Morning. This is State Senator Eloise Vitelli of Arrowsic. The official start of the school year is upon us. And for hundreds of four year olds across Maine, this…Continue Reading

More Great Endorsements For Shenna

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Shenna Bellows welcomed the support of Veterans’ Vision, the Alliance for Retired Americans, the Maine People’s Alliance and People for the American Way the day after concluding her 350-mile, 24-day Walk Across Maine for Jobs and the Economy. Bellows has attracted endorsements from a broad array of labor, women’s, social justice and…Continue Reading

Mike’s First TV Ad Highlights Working Class Roots, Bi-Partisanship Style

Mike Michaud released the campaign’s first TV ad this week. The ad, titled “Millworker,” highlights Mike’s working-class Maine roots and commitment to bringing Democrats, Republicans and independents together to get things done. The positive ad focuses on Michaud’s upbringing and the values of compromise and hard work he learned while growing up in a large…Continue Reading

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